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“I want to thank Renee for all she has done with Network with Results. January 2016 to April 2016 my business has increased by 48.7% over same time last year, as a real estate agent I track everything and it is 100% because of Network with Results that I have that increase, thank you!”

Ken Rosengren
Ken Rosengren Ken's Home Team, Real Estate Broker

“I have been involved in closed groups, open groups, and general networking events. Since joining NWRI, I have more solid contacts in 2 months than I had in 3 years in other organizations. I so appreciate the level of participation and enthusiasm. People are excited and have a real spirit of how can I help a fellow member, as opposed to what’s in it for me.”

Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper Isagneix International

"When I decided to join a referral network group, there were many options, but one stood out among the others. I chose NWRI for several reasons but what stood out was the enthusiasm and excitement of the group. NWRI is truly different than any other network group I have belonged to. "Cooperation not Competition", a sense of Community, a place where businesses work to benefit each other, a giving attitude instead of taking, these are the hallmarks of a great group! These are the characteristics of NWRI, where I belong, not just attend."

Glenn Earls
Glenn Earls IN Local Marketing

“Have been a networker for several years and involved with several types of groups from non-compete to mixers that anyone can attend. NWRI just has something unique about it. After just being a member for six weeks I have received several referrals and written new business. But it’s more than just getting business - it’s about helping others get business as well. And that is what makes it different. We help each other on a level I have not experienced before. For me, that’s what makes it a lasting networking effort.”

Dave Frank
Dave Frank Pacific Crest Independent Insurance Alliance

“I have been involved with several business networking groups around the Portland/Vancouver area over the past few years and the return on investment in time and money has been rather lackluster. Then I happened across the Network With Results group. All I can say is: WOW! NWRI is less expensive, less restrictive, more sharing, and far more powerful than any others I have experienced. What’s even better is that the profit on the new business I got at the very first visit more than paid for my annual membership.”

Dick Kuiper
Dick Kuiper Ghostwriter Help

“Ridiculously brilliant” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Renee Wilbur. Renee’s passion for what I can only term as compassionate networking or in her words a different way of networking and building community was compelling enough for me to join the Network with Results Group in Vancouver. While I joined to network, what I have discovered from Renee’s vision and creative genius is welcoming smiles, new emerging friendships, referrals and new business connections to boot! Our meetings are fun, collaborative and educational - it just doesn’t get better than that.”

Tracia Larimer
Tracia Larimer Business Finance Consultant

"When Renee invited me to visit the new NWRI networking group, I was curious, and inspired enough by her passion and drive to check it out! I am so glad I did! The chapter I joined is comprised of serious entrepreneurs who are building, learning, sharing and dedicated to their growth. I enjoy each and every one and have gained wonderful clients, friends and referral partners through this team. Thank you Renee for your drive, vision, and guidance of NWRI!! We appreciate you."

BJ Stromme
BJ Stromme

“I have been an NWRI member since February of 2016. NWRI offers a new approach to networking, and it simply WORKS. Not only have I received business referrals and used the services of many, but I’ve also made life-long friendships in this community. Now, I'd feel lost without attending chapter meetings weekly.”

Harold Kurt
Harold Kurt Talk Fusion

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