Strength in Numbers - One Member at a Time

The NWRI Philosophy

Our philosophy is twofold: First, we believe in an open environment. That means business owners can network effortlessly, with no pressure, no hidden agendas and no demands placed on them. Second, because of our unique business structure, we believe results will happen naturally and that members will likely achieve results far beyond what they’ve seen before.

NWR Mission Statement

Our mission is to invigorate the networking process by making it accessible to more professionals in the business community. It is intended to connect like-minded business professionals for the purpose of building networks, and trusted relationships that lead to the resources and referrals our members need to achieve their goals. To ensure members are excited when they show up and give them the support and resources they need to be successful. Our proof is in the results members achieve week in, week out.

What Do We Stand For?

  1. Results, results and more results
  2. Respecting, trusting and supporting our members
  3. High ethical and professional standards
  4. Greater accountability for our performance and participation
  5. Sharing knowledge and resources so we can thrive in all our pursuits
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